Vietnamese countryside painting


This four-piece painting of the Vietnamese countryside is a gift of gratitude from the Council of Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce in Vietnam (CTCVN) to the ROC government for providing emergency assistance during the anti-Chinese protests in May 2014. Vice Premier Mao Chi-kuo accepted the painting on Premier Jiang Yi-huah’s behalf while receiving representatives of CTCVN on July 25, 2014. Taiwanese firms have been investing and operating in Vietnam since the country opened its markets to foreign investment in 1987. These companies founded CTCVN in 1994, establishing 10 branches and three business associations over the years. When the anti-Chinese riots spilled over to Taiwanese companies, the Executive Yuan promptly established an emergency response task force to assist Taiwanese businesspeople with recovery efforts. The task force also sought reparations from the Vietnamese government and demanded an investigation into the cause of the riots.




Taiwanese business groups in Vietnam


Premier Jiang Yi-huah


Via Vice Premier Mao Chi-kuo

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