Taipei 2017 Universiade torch (bamboo craft and metalwork designs)


This “torch of sacred flame,” a symbol of the Taipei 2017 Universiade games, was designed with inspiration from the Confucian concept of “fair play.” The torch incorporates traditional Taiwanese bamboo weaving craft as well as modern laser cutting technology, each detail carefully fashioned for optimal function and utility. The creative craftsmanship captures the beauty of Taiwan’s artisanship and advanced technology while showcasing the nation’s soft power. The 2017 Summer Universiade took place in and around Taipei following six years of preparation. At the opening ceremony, professional baseball player Chen Chin-feng, known as Taiwan’s “Big Cannon,” blasted a flaming ball with a home run swing to light the sacred flame. For the Taiwanese, the moment was one of immense pride shining through for the world to see.




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