Premier Tang Fei visits Nantou County communities damaged by the 921 Earthquake.


The rapid development of information technology has prompted countries around the world to focus on knowledge-intensive industries. Under the leadership of Premier Tang Fei, the Executive Yuan approved a Plan to Develop a Knowledge-based Economy on August 30, 2000, which required government agencies to come up with projects for promoting innovation and entrepreneurship, setting up the Internet environment, employing communication and network technologies, and cultivating talent for the knowledge-based economy.

On November 3 and 4 that same year, the Executive Yuan held the National Conference on the Development of a Knowledge-Based Economy to combine many of these projects. A total of 57 were implemented over the next five years, laying the foundation for the next phase of Taiwan’s economic development.

The photo, taken June 30, 2000, shows Premier Tang visiting Nantou County, an area hit hard by the 921 Earthquake.