Premier Mao Chi-kuo visits the Xihu Senior Daycare Center in Taipei City


To care for Taiwan’s graying population, the Executive Yuan approved a white paper for an aged society on October 13, 2015. Envisioning a healthy, happy, active and friendly environment for the elderly, the white paper aims to provide all-around support from food and shelter to learning and personal growth. This follows the administrative goal of finding support for senior citizens.
The aged society care system provides different levels of care for disabled, healthy and relatively healthy seniors. For the disabled, services were made more complete with the passage of the Long-term Care Services Act. For the healthy and relatively healthy, the government’s “aging in place” policy is combining resources from public and private agencies, communities and corporations to set up neighborhood care stations and preventive care networks across Taiwan so that elderly citizens can enjoy a healthy retirement and receive the care they need.
The photo shows Premier Mao Chi-kuo visiting the Xihu Senior Daycare Center in Taipei City on June 18, 2015.