Premier Lin inspects FORMOSAT-5 send-off prep

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Executive Yuan




Premier Lin Chuan visits the National Space Organization (NSPO) in Hsinchu City on July 15, 2017 to inspect FORMOSAT-5 packaging and shipping preparations ahead of the satellite’s launch on August 25. The fruit of collaboration between the NSPO and local industries, FORMOSAT-5 is the first high-resolution remote-sensing satellite developed entirely domestically, from design and manufacturing to the assembly and testing stages. The completion of FORMOSAT-5 marks an important milestone in the nation’s space technology, and demonstrates Taiwan’s advanced satellite manufacturing capabilities. The premier said that in addition to representing the wave of the future, the satellite industry will also aid Taiwan’s industrialization efforts and boost growth of the machinery, information and communications sectors. He also expressed hope that more countries will engage in satellite manufacturing cooperation with Taiwan.