Premier Lin attends launch of Shalun Green Energy Science City project


Renewable and green energy industries are extremely important to Taiwan, especially at a time when the nation is working aggressively to cut down on air pollution from coal-fired power plants. For this reason, the government launched a project on November 6, 2016 to transform the Shalun area in Tainan City into a green energy science city. When completed, the Shalun science city will serve as a demonstration site for green energy technologies, boost R&D capabilities, and usher in a cluster-based economy to promote the green energy industry.During the launch ceremony for the science city project, Premier Lin Chuan said the nation’s energy policy goal for 2025 is to create sustainable value by establishing a clean, stable and efficient energy supply system that simultaneously promotes energy safety and environmental sustainability while supporting the green economy. The creation of the Shalun Green Energy Science City marks a major step toward this goal.The Shalun science city will demonstrate practical uses of new technologies, new designs and new applications. Establishing the site in the southern city of Tainan also underlines the government’s commitment to balancing technological and urban development between the north and south, as well as rural and urban areas.The photo shows Premier Lin at the launch ceremony for the Shalun Green Energy Science City project on November 6, 2016.