Pope Francis commemorative coins


In August 2015, the Vatican’s Secretariat of State sent its envoy to Taiwan Msgr. Paul Russell to speak to Premier Mao Chi-kuo on the status of the death penalty in Taiwan. Understanding the Vatican’s strong opposition to capital punishment, Premier Mao invited the Ministry of Justice’s Deputy Minister Wu Chen-huan and Head Prosecutor Chang Jing-wen as well as other legal experts to explain Taiwan’s position. The officials also exchanged views on the issue with Msgr. Russell and representatives from Catholic dioceses in Taipei and Kaohsiung. During the meeting, Msgr. Russell presented the premier with a set of commemorative coins issued in 2015 in honor of Pope Francis. The set is composed of eight coins (€2.00, €1.00, €0.50, €0.20, €0.10, €0.05, €0.02, and €0.01), and a total of 8,800 sets were issued. (Note: While the Holy See is not a member of the European Union, it signed a bilateral monetary agreement with Italy in 1991 and made the Euro its official currency in 2002, the year in which it issued its first set of commemorative coins.)


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