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The following photographs were presented by the Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association of Los Angeles to Vice Premier Mao Chih-kuo, who received the delegation on behalf of Premier Jiang Yi-huah on April 28, 2014: 1. Founders of the ROC as well as political, economic, academic and diplomatic figures attend the 90th birthday party of Mei Chiao-lin. The event was hosted by Vice Premier Wang Yun-wu at the Executive Yuan in 1962. Clockwise from left to right: Lo Chia-lun, Teng Chia-yen, Mei Chiao-lin, Tan Tao, Ma Chao-chun, George K.C. Yeh, Wu Chin-chen, Shao Yi-chou, Liang Han-tsao, Wang Yun-wu and Foo Ping-sheung. Mei was the leader of the Chicago branch of the Tongmenghui (Chinese Revolutionary Alliance) and became Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s secretary when Sun was elected provisional president of the new republic on January 1, 1912. Mei received an award from Dr. Sun for his contribution to the founding of the republic. 2. Dr. Sun with the Chinese Freemasons in Chicago in April 1909 to raise funds for the revolutionary activities in China. Seated, left to right: Mei Chiu, Huang San-te, Dr. Sun and Tsao Tang-san. Standing, left to right: Mei Nai-heng, Tsao Chi-peng, Tan Tsan, Wu Sung-tang, Mei Chiao-lin, Chu Chuo-wen, Tsai Chin and Mei Kuan-hao. In April 1904, Dr. Sun was detained at the Angel Island immigration station by Qing empathizers while en route to San Francisco to promote the Chinese revolution. Sun was then rescued by Huang San-te and members of the Chinese Freemasons, who guarded Sun as he traveled through U.S. cities to continue his mission. Not only did the overseas Chinese community fund Dr. Sun through 10 uprisings; many of them personally participated in revolutionary campaigns and sacrificed their lives to found the Republic of China.




Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association of Los Angeles


Premier Jiang Yi-huah


Via Vice Premier Mao Chi-kuo

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