Council Hall


At the heart of the Central Building is the Council Hall where the premier hosts meetings of the Executive Yuan Council, or the Cabinet. This room has been renovated several times as the building passed hands from the Office of the Taiwan Provincial Administration to the Taiwan Provincial Government to the Executive Yuan. The last renovation took place in 1991.

The room contains a giant U-shaped table with 47 seats. On the wall opposite the premier is a 200-inch monitor that is synced to the individual monitors at each seat. The solemn room has an impressive 9-meter high ceiling, and the walls are lined with acoustic fabric for a calm and comfortable meeting environment.

This is where the Cabinet makes decision on major policies—such as the 37.5 Percent Arable Land Rent Reduction Act, the Land-to-the-Tiller Act, industrial and economic reforms, important bills and government budgets—before sending them to the Legislative Yuan for ratification.

The ceiling’s recessed lighting circle and the rectangular room symbolize the idea of a “round heaven and square earth”—a traditional philosophy that reminds leaders to keep an open mind and expansive vision and to put the people’s well-being first.