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YEN Hsi-shan

1949-06-13  -  1950-03-10
Yen Hsi-shan is a native of Wutai, Shanxi. It was during his premiership that the ROC government relocated from Chengdu to Taiwan in 1949. He stepped down as premier and became a senior adviser to the president in March 1950 after Chiang Kai-shek resumed his presidency.
Major Events:

1949-06-15 The Taiwan Provincial Government promulgates regulations governing the issuance of New Taiwan Dollars.

1949-07-05 The Executive Yuan resolves to issue Patriotic Bonds.

1949-10-15 The Executive Yuan relocates to Chongqing.

1949-12-09 The Executive Yuan begins operations in Taipei and holds its first Cabinet meeting after relocating to Taiwan.

1950-01-27 The Executive Yuan promulgates regulations on mobilizing resources to fight Communism.

U.S. ambassador visits premier Yen New Year address at Zhongshan Hall Premier Yen commends foreign inspector-general