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YEN Chia-kan

1963-12-16  -  1972-06-01
A native of Wu County, Jiangsu, Yen Chia-kan also served as minister of finance, minister of economic affairs, and vice president. When President Chiang Kai-shek died in 1975, Yen served out the remainder of Chiang’s term until 1978.
Major Events:

1964-05-02 The MacArthur Thruway opens to traffic.

1964-05-28 The U.S. Department of State announces its decision to phase out economic aid to Taiwan by 1965. Military and agricultural assistance would continue, however.

1966-12-03 Taiwan’s first export processing zone (EPZ) is established in Kaohsiung. Thereafter, the Executive Yuan Council approves the construction of a shipbuilding yard and steelworks in Kaohsiung, a port in Su-ao, and an EPZ in Taichung. It also designates Kaohsiung Airport in Xiaogang District as an international cargo station.

1966-12-30 The Executive Yuan Council approves the upgrade of Taipei City to a special municipality, to take effect July 1, 1967.

1967-08-15 The Executive Yuan announces the Enforcement Act for Nine-year Compulsory Education, extending compulsory education to nine years beginning with the 1968-1969 school year.

1968-03-30 The Executive Yuan establishes a tax reform commission.

1968-05-17 The Executive Yuan announces the Taiwan Area Family Planning Enforcement Regulations. The following year, it enacts the ROC Population Policy Guidelines as a legal basis for family planning programs. In 1971, the Executive Yuan puts forward the “3331” policy and encourages families to have only two children, valuing boys and girls equally.

1968-07-01 The civil servant position classification system is implemented.

1969-05-15 The Executive Yuan announces the Regulations Governing Household Registration Improvement in the Period of National Mobilization for Suppression of the Communist Rebellion, placing household registration tasks under the charge of the police. The one-year pilot plan is implemented July 1, 1969.

1969-08-30 In furtherance of the land-to-the-tiller policy, the Executive Yuan Council approves the equalization of land rights for all land throughout Taiwan. Public land is sold in two phases.

1971-08-26 The Executive Yuan Council approves a project to electrify the trunk lines of the railway system.

1971-10-25 The U.N. General Assembly passes a resolution proposed by Albania to withdraw recognition of the ROC in favor of the People’s Republic of China. Before the vote, ROC Representative to the U.N. Chou Shu-kai announces the ROC’s decision to withdraw from the U.N.