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SU Tseng-chang

2006-01-25  -  2007-05-21
A native of Pingtung, Taiwan, Su Tseng-chang graduated from the College of Law of National Taiwan University. Before becoming premier, he was a defense lawyer in the Kaohsiung Incident case, Pingtung County magistrate, Taipei County magistrate, and secretary-general to the president.
Major Events:

2006-03-01 Per presidential order, the Executive Yuan Council announces that the Guidelines for National Unification will cease to apply.

2006-06-16 The Hsuehshan Tunnel officially opens after 13 years of construction.

2006-10-25 The Executive Yuan announces the “Big Investment, Big Warmth” plan covering industrial development, financial markets, the industrial workforce, public infrastructure and social welfare.

2007-03-02 Taiwan High Speed Rail full-line service from Taipei to Kaohsiung is launched after 15 years of construction.