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2005-02-01  -  2006-01-25
A native of Taipei City, Frank Hsieh graduated from the College of Law of National Taiwan University and furthered his legal studies at Kyoto University in Japan. After passing the bar examination and the special examination for judges, Hsieh served as a defense lawyer in the Kaohsiung Incident case. He was also a Taipei City councilman, national legislator, chairperson of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) central review committee, DPP chair, and Kaohsiung mayor before being appointed premier.
Major Events:

2005-03-30 The Executive Yuan announces National Health Insurance subsidies for children under 3 from low- and medium-income families, to begin April 4, 2005.

2005-04-11 The Taiwan Six-Star Plan for a Healthy Community is promoted to build healthy communities through six areas of industrial development.

2005-07-06 The Executive Yuan Council passes the Regulation Project of Flood-Prone Areas.