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CHANG Chun-hsiung

2000-10-06  -  2002-02-01
2007-05-21  -  2008-05-20
A native of Chiayi, Taiwan, Chang Chun-hsiung graduated from the College of Law of National Taiwan University. Before being appointed premier, he was a defense lawyer in the Kaohsiung Incident case, a legislator, the convener of the Democratic Progressive Party, secretary-general to the president, and vice premier.
Major Events:

2001-01-02 The “Mini Three Links” are launched in Kinmen and Matsu, opening direct postal, trade and transportation channels with mainland China.

2001-01-30 The Executive Yuan Council passes the Program for Economic Revitalization through Expanded Investment in Public Construction.

2001-11-06 The Executive Yuan Council replaces the “no haste, be patient” policy with a “proactive liberalization, effective management” plan, allowing Taiwanese companies to invest in mainland China starting January 2002.

2001-12-26 The Executive Yuan Council passes a draft of the Labor Pension Act, which is approved by the Legislature on June 11, 2004 and promulgated by the president on June 30, 2004.

2002-01-01 The ROC becomes an official member of the World Trade Organization.

2007-07-11 The Executive Yuan Council passes a flagship program to turn Taiwan into a major destination for medical tourism.

2007-10-01 The Executive Yuan designates October 24 as Taiwan United Nations Day.

2008-03-19 The Executive Yuan Council passes the “Mini Three Links” expansion plan.