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Sean C. CHEN

2012-02-06  -  2013-02-18
A native of Fuzhou, Fujian, Sean Chen also served as deputy minister of finance, minister of the Financial Supervisory Commission, vice premier, and senior adviser to the president.
Major Events:

2012-03-20 The Executive Yuan approves the High-Value Petrochemical Industry Promotion Project.

2012-07-19 The Executive Yuan approves a project to strengthen the development of basic industrial technologies.

2012-08-01 A national registry for the actual prices of real estate property transactions is implemented.

2012-08-31 The ROC Central Bank announces the signing of the Memorandum on Cross-strait Currency Clearing Cooperation with mainland China, paving the way for domestic banks to conduct renminbi business beginning February 6, 2013.

2012-09-11 The Executive Yuan announces the Economic Power-Up Plan to promote industrial innovation and stimulate markets.

2012-10-02 The U.S. announces Taiwan’s membership in its Visa Waiver Program, making Taiwan the world’s 37th and Asia’s seventh country to receive the privilege.

2012-10-08 The Executive Yuan approves the Mittelstand Upgrading Project to nurture industry-leading small and medium-sized enterprises.

2012-12-31 Became an official member of the The Pharmaceutical Inspection Convention and Pharmaceutical Inspection Co-operation Scheme (PIC/S).

2013-01-01 The second-generation National Health Insurance program is implemented. Taiwan becomes a member of the Pharmaceutical Inspection Convention and Pharmaceutical Inspection Co-operation Scheme.

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